Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Too True Tuesday

Today, this week I have been struggling to TRUST the Lord. Many of you know what an uncertain future means, and the worry that goes along with it. I have been battling this daily. Today I am choosing to Trust God, and look to him to still the troubled waters of fear in my soul.
That's the truth!

Share something that's true about your life right now. It can be anything, funny, sad, a picture a poem. Something that you would not normally share. : ) Link your blog so we can visit you for Too True Tuesday!


  1. God did something amazing this last week. Pretty much right after I posted about trust. He's pretty amazing and I know He'll be faithful to give you the strength to Trust in Him. His love is unfailing and His strength ever-enduring!

  2. Thanks for sharing what is true, Crystal!!
    Today, for me, what is true is that although I miss my hubby & oldest girls (as they are gone for a few days)... I am being reminded of what a joy my two youngest are... their precious smiles, silly giggles & drooly faces bring joy to my heart.


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