Friday, February 25, 2011

What's On My Mind

Funny when I find out I'm expecting, I think about the new little one a lot. I felt the baby move this week, I know it is tiny, but I felt my first move at 12 weeks gestation as well, that was Karagen and now I am hoping we are having a girl. It is funny wanting a girl : )
I was thinking about how I found out about this pregnancy, it is already a cherished memory. I had been having extreme fatigue, had missed my period but the cheap pregnancy tests did not show a positive result. Was I crazy? No the tests were just cheap.

How did I find out then? Jonathan and I went out on a date Friday January 7. We wanted to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. While we were waiting for our movie to start (we had about an hour) we left the mall and went to a Family Dollar and bought a $4 test there. We returned to the mall and I used my empty fast food cup and took the test in the public restroom. The test was positive right away and my heart skipped a beat. I grinned so big, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't stop. I went to wash my hands and smiled at a lady washing hers, she was probably wondering what was wrong with me.

I slipped out of the bathroom and showed Jonathan the test I had tucked into my purse and he said "I figured". Then we were both smiling and as we sat down in the theatre to watch our movie he whispered in my ear "I love you Mommy." I looked at that test a dozen times while we watched the movie : )

I have felt pretty good so far, VERY tired and some days all I did was sleep on the couch. I have been a little nauseous but not overly so and the only time I have really thrown up was with my headache and the flu. I have also been very thankful that I have continued to be able to cook most of our meals, although I did break down and we bought some fish sticks (yucky on my pregnant nose). God has been good, and I feel very blessed.

Confronting me in a greater sense this time though was the fear of what people would think. We have gotten the comments, the looks and all that comes with having a large family. Jonathan was very hesitant to tell his family, he was not wanting to hear what they had to say. So both of us chickened out and had Karagen tell them, and well, that helped a lot. Her joy and innocent enthusiasm saved the day. It does hurt a little when family are the ones who are the least happy for you, and who never say Congratulations-just being honest here.

But deep down, where no one see's but me and the Lord, is a daily growing love for our new little one. A deeper sense of trust and reliance on God to provide for all our needs and a sense of peaceful joy for the precious gift of LIFE.

3 months

Monday, February 21, 2011

Great Expectations

We are so excited to finally announce we are expecting baby # 6!
We were able to go to the doctor last week, we saw our precious little one by ultra-sound, and heard the heart beat!
Due date: September 9, 2011
I am 3 months this week!
We are truly blessed to be expecting again, and thrilled to our toes!!!
The girls want another girl for their girl club : )
Karagen called Pop and Grammy and told them we were going to have another baby today, so now we can share with you.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mess Alert!

We interrupt your day to bring you an important mess alert.

Being mobile means more messes Mommy!

I spilled bleach on the carpet (mommy had just been cleaning a chair with it, I knocked over the jug and the lid was not on tight enough).

Then I did this:

I wonder what else I can do today!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Are you hungry Mommy? It tastes better off of the floor!

Silas: Doesn't he look gleefully happy? Look what he did below!

I have a few "rascals" for children, but they are ever so precious and ever so cute.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Adventures of a Pastor's Wife #3

Today was one of those days, I woke up with a headache and took some medicine. I worked so hard yesterday, cleaning the house, and I had all the children's clothes layed out for this morning. *SUPRISE* I got up early to make some macaroni and cheese for a friend's birthday party after church this morning. The headache got worse, and as I finished the macaroni I ended up on the floor in the kitchen, dizzy and sick. Emmaus had joined me this morning, and I was enjoying her chatter and company, while I was on the floor she asked me "Mommy are you sick?" I told her "yes". Soon I was in the bathroom throwing up and she followed me in there and asked me "Mommy are you throwing up?" I couldn't help being a little amused as I puked : )

I was unable to muster enough strength to get the children ready, so Jonathan had to feed them and dress them. They did very well, and I had even found Silas's shoes (last night) he had thrown into the toybox and we had been unable to find for 2 weeks and he had to wear his sneakers to church. So thank you Lord for helping me get all those clothes ready, there would have been no way Jonathan would have been able to get everyone ready in time. I rested until almost church time then was able to get myself ready and was able to get to church for Morning Worship and I was able to teach Children's Church which was wonderful becuase we had two new little boys! I also was well enough for the party in the Fellowship Hall after church. Very thankful my headache had subsided to endure the children (not just ours) running around screaming and chasing balloons.