Friday, May 29, 2015

Flash Friday (Our Day in Photos)

My bed buddy while Daddy is away.
Sorted clothes.

My helpers-

"It's too heavy Mom!!"  This is his exaggerating face.

All done, it wasn't too heavy after all...

The church across the street.
Our home.
Quick scooter run before breakfast.
Spoiled, William ate his oatmeal on the counter.  It's the seat of honor, really.

Shoe check, yup, wrong feet.
My lunch/breakfast.
Homemade bread.

Another mess to clean up.

Cheaters (SMART) way of getting the tops smooth.
Onions for our soup.
Speaking of messes...
Get it done!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Quick Update

   Wow, I'm finally able to begin blogging again.  The emphasis is going to switch to an honest look at my life, thoughts etc.  I still have a heart and burden for ministry and stuff.  Right now not much of that is happening-at least officially.  There have been so many changes in the last year that hopefully I'll be able to share.

     Today, I was finally able to get my blog looking half decent.  It was much easier since I know what colors I enjoy and like.  Thanks Dressing Your Truth!

  My day today looked like this- my alarm went off at 6:15.  I hit the snooze and squeezed in a few extra minutes of sleep.  Then it went off again and I reluctantly got up.  Emmaus was sleeping with me and when my alarm went off for the second time, she went to her room to get more sleep and I made my bed.  Win!

   I came down to the big recreation room and picked it up.  There is ALWAYS something on all my floors somewhere.  I often think a perfect day would include floors free of clutter.  I wonder if I'd miss the toys, random socks, towels, trash, and what was that?!  I can't identify it...

  My two nieces and nephew arrive and I'm talking sweet and greeting them.  That William (2) really is a heart melter, don't tell him, but even when he's at his naughtiest, he's still a cute little stinker.  Elizabeth is quiet and busy and has an extremely inquisitive mind, and is always asking questions.  Sharon is a little buttercup, soft, tiny and petite.  She's very easy to please and loves to cuddle.  They play in the large play area and I go upstairs and begin food prep and coffee in the kitchen.

  Eventually my 3 oldest children wake up and come downstairs.  Here comes the questions, "Are you dressed?  Are your shoes on?  Emmaus, did you comb your hair?  Vaughn, your shoes are on the wrong feet.  Silas, get dressed now!  You have 5 minutes!"  (Said in my best stern voice accompanied by "the look")  Silas comes down in clean pants, but no shirt.  While I'm cooking the eggs.  I finish them up, then run downstairs to the basement (because I've washed and dried laundry, but it's all down there unfolded, calling me...) I find him a shirt, yeah it might be his brothers-but yes, it'll work.  I come back up and toss it to him, then finish dishing up the plates- let's see how many kids today?  Oh yeah, 8.  This morning we're having scrambled eggs and homemade banana cake.  (Which reminds me, I still have tons of bananas to use up.)  Everyone is seated peacefully at the table, but pretty soon, there's a wee one asking for a drink.  Oh yes, drinks!  Then there's another asking for a drink, and another..."Go sit down and quit nagging!"  So, onto the drinks.  Hmm, I have a little orange juice, a little apple juice-and water!  There we go, how many cups?  Oh yes, 8.  Where is William's sippy?

  Finally, breakfast is over (not cleaned up) and its time to get the littles up to the bus stop.  On the way I'm double checking Vaughn's shoes, Emmaus walks beside me hanging on me making it hard to walk up the hill.  I disengage from her hanging and take her hand, checking her head to see if she combed her hair.  Hey!  It's neatly brushed-WITH a headband!  Win!  Silas is running on ahead, Vaughn is trailing behind.  We manage to be a few minutes early, another WIN!  Wow, when you're me, your winning is small things.

This was just the

Here's a few pictures from today-  I'm spray painting these sandals silver.
    See the mess?  The towel is down to dry up the bubbles that were spilled, a half filled large bottle of bubbles.  Thank you William...

Me-I get dressed with makeup most days.  It helps me to feel human....
I've been working on painting these jewelry pendants I bought for cheap off of eBay several months ago.  I'm just using nail polish.