Monday, June 28, 2010

7 Goals Today

Due to our family being sick the past several days, I don't feel like doing much! And I think everyone knows that when your body isn't well, your spirits sag.
I have 7 goals today...important ones for me.
1. Hold Silas to help me (I mean him) feel better. : )
Have you ever noticed how holding and comforting a child makes you feel warm inside? It ALWAYS does for me! (this is listed first because it was one of the first things I did this morning)
2. Read my Bible and pray, I feel very needy right now Lord!
I hope no one thinks I'm a super saint (not that it wouldn't be nice)
3. Do a little bit (of everything, laundry, dishes, housework, lovin on the kids) I am pacing myself today.
4. Talk to my husband Connecting with him gives me a boost for the whole day.
5. Take a nap A good nap does the mommy good.
6. Focus On the blessings in my life and who is really in control.
7. Give it to God Even if it has to be a second by second thing, I am going to give all my worries and fears to God.


  1. Great list of goals! And what an adorable picture!
    Hoping your day has been blessed!

  2. Crystal,
    How wise you are! As I delight in this wonderful baby-love and recover from a c-section, this is what my days are like, too. I have to pick and choose, and I have to really exclude the non-essentials and watch the minutes! You have a great list here. :)

  3. Precious picture! It often helps me to write a list and think through the truly important (not just the most pressing) things that need to be accomplished.


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