Friday, August 27, 2010

If you could only hear what Im thinking

I am glad you can't!
I am so glad people cannot read my mind! Although sometimes I wish they could, just ask my husband. *wry grin* Here are some things I have thought:
We went to the beach last Friday, there were people laying out in the boiling HOT sun.
My thoughts:
You can go home and lay on your couch or your lawn, when you're at the beach, shouln't you be in the water? (it would be cheaper, as you have to pay to get in here)
And besides...don't you know the suns rays are extremely harmful and cancer causing??
Today while in the mall we passed a Victoria Secret, and then here online reading an interesting article on Kangaroo Care for preemie babies.
My thoughts:
Can someone please tell these women to go home and put some clothes on?!
And, why when I am reading about innocent, do I have to be subjected to half naked ....I mean 95% naked women (in advertisements)?
Women, you sell yourselves too cheaply!
Tonight after a long day:
My thoughts:
Do I really have to make dinner? Again? What is the easiest meal to make? Ok, fish sticks sound good, and let's see, how about (homemade) mac n'cheese and I'll throw in some canned fruit salad to make it healthy.
Today when a neighbor was talking to my hubby and kids.
My thoughts:
Crystal, go over there and talk to her!! She will not bite you!
Today while nursing Jachin in a fitting room in JC Penny's
My thoughts:
This is so easy, no bottles, no hassles, just pull up the shirt and lunch is served! : ) Hmmm this just seems wrong it's so easy!
My thoughts:
Is it bed time yet?
Right now:
My thoughts:
I wish this mouse would work anybody reading this? I have to go switch the laundry, put away the food, wash dishes....thank God the children are winding down to a movie! I am so glad Jachin is sleeping!
Every day:
Oh, they are so cute, where's my camera?
There you have it, a window into my mind...hopefully you are not too enlightened! Have a wonderful night everyone! Or day, or afternoon or whatever. Smile, it makes you sweet face look better : ) I am, oh wait, no I'm not.
Laugh Out Loud!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What have we been doing?

A Day at the beach! Friday August 20, 2010
No she is not eating sand here : ) Emmaus eating her lunch.
Jachin and Emmaus. Jachin tried to eat the sand lol

Karagen sat and stood watching the waves come in ALL day. She had a red back to prove it!
Vaughn loved going into the water with Jonathan.

Silas playing, he was a literal sand man, and I gleefully called him that : ) by the time the day was done, he was covered, I mean covered in sand!

Vaughn playing in the sand.

My sister Michelle and Jachin, we three adults took turns holding him under our umbrella while the others enjoyed the water.

The first beach we went to was deserted and had icky water, so we drove another 30 minutes and found a better beach. Jachin was not sure what to think about the wet sand.

Playing in the sand, they loved it!

Under our makeshift beach umbrella, we used our large rain umbrella and Jonathan attached it to a pole we brought along.

We have been so busy, and today for the first time since we have been here I have nothing I have to do, although I might add, I always have something to do (you know what I mean).

Here is some of what we have been up to. Our activities include (but are not limited to), painting, going to the beach, the circus, enjoying our new home and we started a new school year. We had been seriously contemplating homeschooling but we decided after much prayer and discussion to send our children to our local school.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

We played a little game today while Jonathan was painting the living room and I was nursing Jachin. The children were sitting on the couch, which was in the middle of the room. Since we were all together and I was bored, I started a game of what do you love about_______. We went through each family member and said what we loved about them.

Karagen: (about me) I love your sparkly teeth and your blue eyes. I love your freckles! (ya, I love my freckles too...insert a lot of sarcasm) lol

Vaughn: I love your sparkly teeth, ( he said that to everyone as he was being lazy and didn't want to think about it)

Emmaus: (about daddy) I love daddy because he is so special! I love daddy because he is so sweet!)

Silas: I don't like anybody. lol

1000 Gifts

Amid the chaos of a family of 7, chaos that really starts to wear on me after supper. Fussy baby, crying children, running, yelling laughing, talking. The sounds I have heard all day and patiently listened to. But at the end of the day, I just want quiet, I want space, I want to be alone.

In the midst of my craving my heart looks up, to Him and I can't help but remember the times He looked up. He stole away to the quiet, to His refuge, His father. If Jesus had to do do I! So here I am, Lord....feeling empty, strung out and sigh.....tired. I am looking up, amidst the sounds of the family, I am turning to you, taking THIS moment to thank you once again for ALL you do for me, for ALL you have given me, for what you have not given me. For EVERYTHING. When it seems like I can do nothing else, I can thank you.

I do not thank you enough.

16. A wonderful home, that is home because of those who are in it.
17. The dishwasher running, I have the dishes done, and I do not have to wash them all by hand.
18. For a husband who is painting our living room and has been all day.
19. For our dinner of leftovers.
20. For the 5 precious children around it, even the one who was SO grouchy.
21. For all the bags of groceries the Denton church gave to our family today.
22. For being able to open our home twice yesterday and serve you through hospitality.
23. For the strength to get to the very end of Sunday with just enough energy.
24. For always being there, to listen to my whispered prayers and my pleas for wisdom.
25. For faith.
26. For being ALL I need.
27. For little ones who still need me to comfort them.
28. I am never's a good thing!
29. Those glass doors with the finger prints all over them.
30. For your Word that gives direction and guidance to me.

holy experience

Friday, August 13, 2010

Funny Friday

At the head of the line was a large pile of apples and a note was placed in front of the apples. The note read:
"Take only one, God is watching."
Further down the line was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies...
A note written by another:
"Take all you want, God is watching the apples."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We are Here!

Just HAD to add this picture of Jachin: ) He is helping me unpack!

Thankful Thursday:

Some random things I am REALLY thankful for:

1. We arrived safely last Tuesday with no accidents and no mishaps.

2. Our children have SO much room to run and play *I have to beg them to come inside*

3. I am very comfortable with our new church family.

4. We have a former pastors wife as a very close neighbor, and she has brought us produce from her garden and has already become a friend.

5. My husband is in his element and his preaching is so different from what it used to be, he has really grown in the last few years we were out of the ministry.

6. I refuse to be lonely or depressed and God is helping me focus and train my mind and heart to take all my needs to Him.

7. We have decided on no television, it is expensive and time consuming, and has a negative impact and influence on our children. *We are still watching good movies so we are not depriving our children : )*

8. We have a wonderful pianist in our little church *something I really appreciate because our last pastorate had no pianist and it was hard!*

9. I have great views out of every window.

10. God has proved Himself true to me, and I can see that the last few years of trials and hardships were not in vain. This is perhaps what I am most thankful for.
11. I am also thankful for each one of you, my friends through blogging, for your prayers and great comments, I have really missed interacting and am glad to be in touch again : )