Friday, June 4, 2010

A Day in My Life

So, today has been one of those days where I feel tired all day and would really like to be sleeping right NOW! I did not go to bed until 1 am as I was simply addicted to working on my new blog, so it is my own fault for being tired today.

I re-arragnged my living room to suite me better which meant moving around a super heavy piano all by myself. It's funny, it fits where 4 men with measuring tapes told me it would not fit. I had 2 little helpers, Silas and Emmaus. Every time the piano moved an inch they said "Mommy, I moved it!" Once it was in place I said "let's celebrates moving it with a little tune", and we all plunked away, with me actually trying to play and the kiddos pounding away to their hearts content.

When Karagen and Vaughn came home, all the kiddos had some chocolate milk, even me. I looked at the calories after drinking about 8 ounces. What 230!!! So much for eating (make that drinking) right. And tonight is pizza and movie night, so there goes my diet. Maybe I won't eat 4 pieces of pizza like I did last week.

So there you have it. Hope I feel a little more awesome tommorrow.


  1. Good luck with that pizza thing...usually doesn't work for me! :)

  2. Awesome slideshow thingy! Looks good. Love the new look, it's really you. Isn't blogger fun? Can't believe you moved that piano, I'll have to some see next week. Did it open up your living room more? So cute the way kids help!!!


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