Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Vaughn!


Complete art set from Uncle Frank and Aunt Shell.
He LOVED the chalk best, he made a road the entire length of the back sidewalk with it.

How the years fly by!  Our first son is 7!
 Saturday,November 26, 2011

(This is a belated Birthday posting, this mommy is playing catch up)
 Vaughn William Roberts
Great lover of trucks and anything with wheels.
The chocolate cake was made by his beloved Aunt Shell. (above)
(She dug the cars out of the toy box and washed them too)

 Daddy and Vaughn- who wouldn't love a face like that?
 The best eater in the family, many times out eating mommy.
Dinner consitsted of hamburgers, brocolli, french fries and banana bread.
 He had to wait to open this gift all day, it just sat their taunting him "Open me little boy"

This gift was good enough for ALL the boys.
Vaughn is always told he get's a great birthday because he usually shares his birthday with family because of it being so near Thanksgiving.  I was in labor with him on Thanksgiving day and had him by 1:40am on the Friday after Thanksgiving. This year he had the following people at his party:
Ussins (Mommy, Daddy and all siblings)
Aunt Shell and Uncle Frank
Grandpa Lund and Uncle Christpoher (who is only 4)
Uncle Mike

Friday, January 27, 2012

Funny Friday

When you have 6 children-or a family- money doesn't stay around.  Like one old fashioned preacher once said "If we had some extra didn't last long, we had too many holes to sink it into".
Have a great Friday!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fresh Faith

I have been reading the book Fresh Faith by Jim Cymballa, if you want/need something to stir you and increase your faith- this is the book!

Hence my thought for this week-

Exercise Faith
Excuse Unbelief 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This years to do List-LLLLLLL

Love on the kids more

Love on the man more

Love on the house more-clean, clean and more clean

Listen more- but not to myself unless it's positive

Look on the bright side-not the wrong side

Leave the past behind-again and again

Let go of what DOES'NT matter

Look up-to the Father

Live each minute, each second to the fullest.  Squeeze out every drop of happiness and gratefulness.

I want to Lean on the Lord, Labor, Learn, be a Light, Lead,  put myself Last, Laugh, Launch out, be Level Headed, have Liberty, be a Life Saver, Load Lifter, Likeable,  Liveable, Lyrical.  I want my life to have Luster!

I don't want to:
 be Lazy, to be Lanate ( having a wooly or hairy appearence) be a Leach, Lecture, Lie, be a bump on a  Log, have a Long face, be Longish (somewhat long)  ( I also encourage Jonathan to not preach longish), Loony, Loopy, a Loser, a Lout (a clumsy stupid fellow) Leave anyone in a Lurch, or be like a Lytta ( a worm under a dogs tongue thought to cause rabies leading to madness) haha