Monday, December 12, 2011

Hi, I'm Barbie

 Hi! My name's Barbie- at least that's what the box said last year. Don't you just love my smile?
Karagen may have renamed me.
I am being re-gifted this year with a home made out fit.
Karagen is getting a matching skirt to go with my outfit.
Shhhhh, she has no idea.
Did you know tiny Barbie clothes are irritating a challenge to make? By the way, the outfit is the gift, I just left it on her so Karagen will know how to dress her.
It's called a Frugal Christmas, time and effort and a lot of LOVE!
What are you doing to save $$$ this year?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It Happened

She's 2 months!
And since our camera broke (at least the picture taking mechanism) here's some videos.

Saturday November 12 ,2011

Jonathan got his first deer with his bow!

And for some other "It Happened" events:

1.  The kids erased all the pictures from our SD card.  I wanted to cry.  All of GraceyAnna's newborn pics, our summer pics, our birthday pics, our-well you get the picture, no nobody does 'cause there all gone-sob.... : )

2.  We passed our first homeschool meeting with the board of educaion, YAY!

3.  We RUINED an element on our stove from a bone dry Pressure cooker (the seal went bad so the liquid boiled out) So now we need a new element and a new pressure canner.

4.  We survived our first house fire- Thank God!  We were all taking our Sunday nap, Emmaus put a washcloth over the lamp in the girls room and it caught fire.  Jonathan came to the rescue and got the foot high flames out and spent the next 2 days airing out their matresses, washing bedding, shampooing carpet and airing out ALL their clothes.  We converted the back porch into "the cleaners"  Thanks Babe!  Have you ever seen melted light bulb? It's sharp and won't come out : )   Oh, and all our smoke alarms work.

5.Silas has to get his heart fixed.  He has a hole in it and the left side of his heart is dialated (enlarged), he will be going to John Hopkins to have a heart catheter sent up a vein to see what can be done to close the hole.  Your prayers would be appreciated!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Hard Being Me!

 GraceyAnna 3 weeks
 My name is GraceyAnna, and I have the hardest job in the house.  I have to keep all these people who love me happy!
 I have to be cute and pretty on Sunday's....
 I have to help Mommy with the laundry, she does have 8 people to do laundry for you know....
 Sometimes I even have to give Mommy some one on one conversation.
 I have to brighten everyone's day with my smile (3 weeks)
 I have to keep Mommy company and give her lots of cuddles.....
 I even have to let her kiss me.
 Don't you think she looks kind of funny?
 Well, I do! (5 weeks)
 I have to make sure Daddy stays awake while he reads....
 But sometimes, I just get so tired out from all my work!
 And a little grouchy. (2 weeks)
 But then I stop and think about all the people that love me....
 Like Jachin, who likes to kiss me on the mouth...
 And Vaughn who always begs to hold me....
 But then again they all beg to hold me.(Silas- GraceyAnna 1 day)
 I have to sit real still, and try not to cry- (1 week)
Sometimes I just give up and go to sleep : )  (1 week)

Friday, September 30, 2011

GraceyAnna Picture Shoot

GraceyAnna 2 weeks old
To our families- please tell me which are your favorite!
Can you believe that I deleted quite a few of  what I took and these are my favorites?  Please help me decide which are the best! # 15 is my favorite though : )
*Note, numbers are for the photo above.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Karagen's Birthday!

Monday, September 26, 2011

 The Outfits from Grammy
 Karagen and Jonathan went on a bike ride.
 Mommy and the birthday girl.

 She received the rose from a neighbor for her birthday.
 Dinner of Macaroni (her favorite) baked corn  and roast deer meat & gravy.
 Decorating her cake.
 The finished product- zuchini cake, yummy!
Pure delight!

We started the day with a walk, just her and I.  I was suprised how fast she walked, she has long legs- like her Daddy.  The fog was thick and we heard a plane fly overhead, but could not see it.  In my mind I could still see her as a little baby, cuddled close to my breast, then I looked down (though not too far as she is just above my shoulder now) and saw a budding young lady.  Caring, thoughtful and trying to mature though she is still a child.  So helpful and capable.
We had pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast.
We did our school work.
She went on a bike ride with Jonathan.
We had our birthday celebration after dinner.

Happy Birthday Karagen.  Our beautiful little girl!  We love you so much!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where's MY Baby?

 Who needs a bed when you can sleep on your big sister?
Karagen and GraceyAnna, September 21, 2011
Ok, now Mommy's getting jealous!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Heart Strings

She pulls at my heart-
By the string attached to us both before she was born.
And as her umbilical cord grew-
So did that string.
When she was born, the cord was cut
But not our heart string!
It has grown and grown, our heart string-
I am all tangled in it, wrapped up in it, mesmerized by it
made speechless, overwhelmed!
Just one little girl, and what of the other five?
I have so many heart strings, wrapped all around me
Holding my heart so tightly
They take my breath away.

Written for Emmaus.  We went on a walk together this morning.  She has a dazzling smile and as she ran ahead of me, then looked back to see if I was watching, as her little hand gripped mine, I thought how quickly time has flown, she is over 5 already- she totally pulled at my heart strings!  You mommy's will understand!