Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Real Deal

I want to be real. Not fake, not one thing to one person, and someone else with another person.

I want people to trust me, have confidence in me and know that I mean what I say, and that my words measure up with my life.

I am so aware that I handle peoples hearts every day. From the heart of my husband and children to the hearts of the people I come in contact with in any shape or form. When I tell people they need to do better, I want them to know that I need to do better myself. When I give advice, I want them to know it is from a heart of love, not judgement or from my opinions. When I come in contact with people, I want to leave them with their hearts feeling a little better, more encouraged, ready to face life...inspired.

When I think of all I want to do...all I need to live up to I sometimes get overwhelmed. I turn to HIM, the one who changed every heart He touched. Whether they aknowledged it or not...or even knew it or not. So my prayer for this week is, "God, make me REAL!" So when people think or see Crystal, all they see is Jesus!

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