Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Forever

I know today is Tuesday, but this was supposed to be put up yesterday and I was too busy. My memory for this week is of Jonathan and I meeting and the beginning of our journey together. This is a special treat for everyone.
We met in college, Penn View Bible Institute in September 2000. The first time I saw him he was talking and laughing with some new friends. That image has been forever engraved on my memory. And he has never ceased loving people, he is a true people person. He said the first thing he remembers about me was my smile. According to him, I smiled shyly at him...which of course is true. When I first went to college I was painfully shy and scared of almost everybody.
I didn't know it then, but soon learned that this was the beginning of our forever. The Christmas of 2000 I knew that he was the "one". Now almost 10 years after we first met, I still know.One more interesting fact, Jonathan knew right away he liked me. In fact, the very weekend we arrived at Penn View his parents were taking him out to dinner for his birthday. I remember wondering why this older man with a white beard was looking at me. It was Jonathan's dad, he had already told his family I was the girl he liked.


  1. those are the cutest pictures!!! it's so much fun learning new things about a couple :)

  2. Love to hear couple stories, and the pictures are adorable!

  3. Lol, Crystal..The first comment is from me, of course. Didn't know you were still logged in :P Anyway - it IS fun learning things, and I love the pics!!! You look so happy and in love. :) All googly eyed and everything...

  4. What a great story!! Love the photos!


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