Monday, June 21, 2010

Me and TV

I am going to give you my opinion on a few shows that are 'out there'.

I don't watch too much TV, and when I do take the time to watch, I like to be careful what I watch for a variety of reasons.

So You Think You Can Dance
Umm, no and neither can you. Why don't you go put some clothes on anyway?

The Bachelorette
Are you really falling in love with her, or the crazy over the top dates? Iceland? Come on, who wouldn't love her for that?

Why is it that a 'good' show has to get messed up with super mini skirts and too much exaggerated drama?

America's Got Talent
Surely this one's ok, nope strippers and the lighting of ( I can't say it on here) How do you explain that to a 5 year old?

Pretty good for the moment, but full of guns and people in bullet proof vests. "Are they really dead Mommy?"

American Idol
Why doesn't that title just fill you in, since when are idols good?
Too bad they don't stick to finding the next star, Lady Gaga?!? My poor innocent eyes!

Perfect Beauty
If you want to go along for this show be prepared for lots of nudity (not complete mind you) and disgusting arrogance from the contestants.

This is why we DO NOT have cable, there is really not much 'good stuff' out there to watch. And if I have to sit there with the remote 'just in case' what is the point? Much easier to shut it off then to babysit the TV.

Come on give me a break!


  1. I loved this post, I agree with you on almost all of it (though we do have a weakness for American Idol). Even still, TV this day and age is not good, not good at all!! It's best to avoid it all if you can. (I'm working on it :))

  2. LOL, this rocked :) Much easier to watch kids than babysit tv.....

  3. Ah, I'm afraid I could get up on my "how bad television is these days" soapbox for quite awhile... My husband and I watch very little (outside of sports) and our daughters even less.


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