Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thinking Outside The Box

I have to do this every day. I adjust my expectations of what I want and think should happen.

Like this morning, I was going to hit the stores with my 3 youngest kiddos, then Jachin threw up, I could hear him while I drove, then Emmaus noticed it and announced it in her panicky voice. Change of plans, we are going home instead.
Thinking outside the box = Adjusting my expectations.

Then there was last night. I had been at home all day with the children by myself. I was tired. After everyone was in bed, I went to the gym, even though it was already 10pm.
Thinking outside the box = A healthy body

Like today, I had plans to go shopping for sandals for the children, but it was raining, heavy. We went anyway and got all wet doing it. I had the van.
Thinking outside the box= Getting the job done, even though it's tough.

Like right now. I am going to make what I call my "junk muffins". They have spinach and bannana puree in them. Unbelieveably they are delicious.
Thinking outside the box= No wasted food

I do this a least a thousand times a day, that's what makes my life work.


  1. Oh, you must be a mom, because that is all we ever do, ya? =) Great post!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, YOU have a Beautiful blog going on here!! =)

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments, mmm spinach and banana muffins- good way of disguising goodness from the kids! :0)


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