Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another Reason to Blog

Seriously Now,
I do have a lot to say, and sometimes no one to say it to beside's God. And although He is a good listener He probably doesn't benefit too much from what I have to say. I have this strange notion that I might be able to help someone, and I know God certainly doesn't need any help, I mean He's God! So I choose to write about my thoughts, my life and things that interest me in the hopes that at some point it will give someone a little boost, a little hope, a little "I've been there too".
It is also a way for me to journal, something I did for years as a young girl, but have not done much since becoming a mommy.

As the mother of 5 beautiful kids my life is busy and blessed. I won't be writing about great adventures about seeing the world, amazing vacations or my great accomplishments at a J.O.B. I will be sharing about what I consider the craziest roller-coaster adventure EVER, My life! It can be scarry, unsettling, heart-breaking, frustrating and a constant sacrifice. But I have found the benefits of love, warmth and a sense of belonging plus 5 little people that love me far out weigh ANY thing that may be perceived as negative or draining. My kids and husband are my life, and I love them with my life.

I am content, satisfied, thoroughly happy, and serenely at peace with my CHOICE.

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