Friday, May 20, 2011

24 Weeks!

I was so excited to be getting my ultra-sound today. We have an hour drive to my doctor (we have to go across the bay bridge) it is a long drive but it was sooooo worth it, especially when I got my first 4-D ultra-sound! I ADORE these pictures!

24 weeks- 10 lb weight gain! Yay!
So cute!

The baby loved it's face, kept it's hand there for most of the pictures.


Tiny little hand makes me want to hold it : )

We thought about keeping it a secret-but guess who can't keep a secret?

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's just about me....

Yesterday I woke up with a horribly swollen face, above my eyes, my lips (big and luscious haha), my cheeks, my chin and even my ears. My ears were bright red, swollen and sore. I looked a mess and felt AWFUL! I had chills and a fever as well, so I finally called the doctor and was seen yesterday afternoon at 3:30. He prescribed a steroid for my face, saw me again this morning and prescribed an anti-biotic for a severe sinus infection. Thankfully the swelling in my face was much better today!

Last night Jachin woke up screaming and feverish, we gave him some medicine and he threw up everywhere. So there was a not-so-nice mess to clean up. I was so thankful I was with it enough to take care of him, I cleaned him up and we cuddled in the living-room rocker for an hour. He is going to the Doctor today and hopefully get some relief for whatever is bothering him.

Maryland is great and I love living here, but the pollen is horrible and I have had a lot of trouble with allergies here, never have anywhere else we have lived. Guess I am just getting old : )

That's what's been going on here-I haven't been to church in a week and a half, I am so hoping to make it Mother's Day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Emmaus's 5th Birthday!

Birthday Pictures with Mommy and Daddy!

Ballerina Outfit!

Grammy made her 4 skirts- 3 of them came with shirts for complete outfits! Thank you Grammy, they were beautiful!

The bag from Grammy and Pop Pop.

Her first Princess cake- not perfect, but she loved it!

Waiting for her cake.

Cupcakes for school, Daddy took her to school with them!

Breakfast, Monday May 2, French toast, scrambled eggs and sausage per her request.

Stretchy lizard, the childrens favorite out of all the gifts.

Art set from Aunt Shell! Thank you Aunt Shell!

Don't you know it's easier to blindfold than to wrap the gifts, and there's a lot less mess : )

Birthday cupcakes on Saturday April 30 when Aunt Shell and Frank came to visit.