Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Good Way to Fall Asleep

Last night I was very tired. When I am very tired, I can get very silly. So on my way to LaLa land I played a little game with my hubby who sleepily played along. I am quite sure he would have rather been sleeping.

Honey, if you were a vehicle you would be a __________ (a black SUV with room for our whole family, something that looks great and feels great too)

Honey if you were a color you would be __________ (a mixture of browns and greens because you love to hunt)

Honey if you were a condiment you would be__________ (mustard, because it makes EVERYTHING better)

Honey if you were a cleaning utensil you would be_________ (A sponge/scratcher, soft on one side, tough on the other)

Honey, if you were something in the bathroom you would be__________ ( toilet paper, very needed and well used and if not there, extremely missed!)

Honey if you were a flower you would be__________ (a rose, beautiful and rare) Maybe you ladies get roses alot, but few people grow them.

Honey if you were a dessert you would be_________ ( Dove dark chocolate, the thing that sweetens up my day and makes everything a little better)

Honey if you were a meal you would be___________ (roast beef and mashed potaotes with all the trimmings, because you are so satisfying, warm and homey.

Honey if you were a beverage you would be________ ( coffee, because I love it/you so much)

Admist my giggling and his laughter we played the game and I went to sleep realizing I had the most perfect man for me. It felt VERY good to remember that!

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  1. Love the toilet paper one...wonder what my husband would think if I compared him to tp? LOL! It cretainly makes sense though...great game! :)


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