Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

When you heal. When you let grow. When you cry out to surrender. When you love show others Christ's love.

A friend posted this on Face Book and it is just what I needed!

I had a very painful childhood. Don't get me wrong, I do have some good memories, I just wish I had more. And on Father's Day, I often hurt the worst. I am being painfully honest here. My father was ripped out of my life at the tender ages of 13, long before we ever left him, he was gone. Bitter fights, abuse and ABSENCE are all too vivid memories.

Please keep in mind, I have fully forgiven my father, and we have a fairly good relationship now.

But maybe this is why I was dreaming of needing a hug from my husband last night. Maybe this is why I was so touched when he wrapped his arms around me today and hugged me tight. Maybe this is why I am still pinching myself that I found a husband who is so good to me and loves me and our children beyond words.

Tears are coming to my eyes as I post this.

This Father's Day I am working HARD to remember the GOOD times. Focus on my Blessings and remember the quote above.

And if you see me in the card aisle, having a hard time picking a card for my Dad....this is why.

So to the men in my life... my husband.... my dad:

Happy Father's Day - from my heart!


  1. I like it when people can be honest...I think it helps other people who find themselves in similar situations. Thanks for posting!

  2. This sharing was beautiful...just like your heart....

  3. Happy dad's day to your hubby and father. Your hubby is such a blessing to you.
    I also like what your friend posted on Facebook, it is lovely!

  4. Yes, it's hard. My father is a wonderful loving man, but has always put his adictions in front of his family and has never made me feel like the special girl to him, that I know I am. I am forgiven him too, but like you, am very thankful that my husband is so different. I pray my girls will never have to forgive and let go, and only know how to fully trust and love their father!


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