Friday, November 27, 2015

Gratitude Perspective

Do you ever struggle with gratitude?

Have your feelings ever challenged your perspective to be thankful?

I have challenged myself with this quote today.

On the day after Thanksgiving, my husband is at work and the kids and I are alone here.

Feeling lonely and like the world doesn't care.

I've struggled with these feelings multiple times in my life.

I've spent time drowning them out by staring into my kids faces, occupying myself with work, finding an activity to do or calling/texting a friend, or drinking coffee.

But on the days when the children have tested my patience, (I've gotten on my own nerves today) I don't feel like working, (all the pies are made)  the activities that need doing are cleaning and laundry (again) and there's no friend to call because they are occupied with their own lives, and the coffee is drank...

This is when gratitude becomes a challenge.

I'm missing Karagen.

It's been three years and I found myself daydreaming about how wonderful it would be to have her alive, in our family and filling our hearts and lives as a 12 year old.

Today's challenge, for every negative thought;
Find 5 positive thoughts to replace it.

As I have learned and continue to learn,
Gratitude is a choice.

To focus on what I do have,
not what I wish to have.

Thank you Lord for the blessings I see, and those I do not.

For the challenges that test my faith and force me to look to you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Quick Update

      Akkk!  God is always trying to teach me patience.  Here I am just wanting to get things done, have them fixed...all figured out and I am forced to wait.  Apparently I still need lessons in patience. *Smile
    Things are working out though, and I do get to use my gift of perseverance to help my family.  Last week I was perusing jobs for Jonathan while he worked during the day.  He had an accident on October 15, and his trailer hauling job was brought to a standstill.  I saw an article for Fry Communications and told him about it so he went and applied in person the next day.  (We had a grand plan of him applying quickly and then finding a used car later so Gracey and I went with him)  His application process and subsequent physical and drug test took the entire day so Gracey and I hung out in the van all day, sigh.  But, he got the job!!

Gracey and I entertaining ourselves while we waited in the van.
    This week, after spending all day on Saturday looking for a vehicle, we finally bought another car yesterday and I've dubbed it Big Red- haha. It's standard and I took it for a spin last night, Vaughn said I needed more practice as I was a little jerky shifting.  LOL  Jonathan also found out yesterday that instead of working night shift, he will be able to work day shift, 6 am to 6 pm, 7 days on and 7 days off.  Things are working out, slowly but surely.  After 120 days of work we will have benefits as well. Woohoo!

     Last night I finished up my Personal Stewardship class and finished with all A's.  How exhilarating!  I have a weeks break and will start Oral Communication next week.  Not sure how that will work in an online class.  You can't know how happy I am that I am FINALLY working towards a degree!

    Today I have a few errands to run, then a Leadership Committee meeting tonight at 6:30 pm.  I really love being on our church's board and really enjoy seeing what God is doing in our church.  Seriously, it's awesome to be an integral part of the inner workings of our church.  Jonathan and I are also participating in an intense discipleship course which involves daily devotions, accountability and scripture memorization.  I am putting all my verses to music.  I sing them every morning as I'm getting the kids up and ready for school.  I am working on creating new habits.  Here is my first ones; Get up, drink water, make my bed, do about 10 minutes of exercises before I leave my room and daily quiet time.  So far, 3 days of success!

   Last but not least, Last Saturday, November 7, we got to meet our newest nephew, Jesse Alexander Lund!

     Here are the two verses I put to song.  These links will take you to my YouTube channel.

2 Peter 3:18

Matthew 6:6


Friday, November 6, 2015

When is enough, enough?

            When is enough, enough?  My mind immediately jumps to thoughts of things in life which I will always need again.  I will always need to eat, drink, bathe, sleep and pray and read my Bible.  Enough, will never be enough of these things.  I pray that I will never lose the hunger and thirst I have for more of God and to know and love Him better.  Really though, we need to look towards contentment and that is the point of the devotional. 1 Timothy 6:6 states; "Godliness with contentment is great gain."  Pointing to the fact that these two ideas are combined, godliness and contentment.  We could think of them as twins.  They go together. Do you want to be content?  First seek godliness.  Seeking and finding more of God will instill in us a Christ-likeness and our soul cravings will be satisfied when we love God supremely.  Loving God supremely is not a destination, a place we arrive at; "we've made it, we're done."  No, it is something we come to, again and again.  My prayer is that I never say, enough, is enough in the light of spiritual matters.

          In light of being content in earthly things, it is a matter of the heart.  We should not seek to build wealth for selfish purposes but for the purpose of being a good steward of what God has blessed us with.  Contentment is a disciple that will need to be both sought after, implemented and practiced.  Esau picked himself up after being treated wrongly by his brother.  He built wealth and when confronted with the confession and penance of his brother, he essentially told him, "it's OK, let it go, I have."  Who knew we could learn a lesson from the firstborn underdog?

     But Esau said, "I already have plenty, my brother.  Keep what you have for yourself."
Genesis 33:9