Sunday, June 6, 2010

Better Safe Than Sorry!

This morning there were tornado warnings and watches all over our area. My family and I did not attend church this morning due to Vaughn getting a severe concussion yesterday. We were all resting and keeping an eye on the forecast. I personally hate storms, I'm still scarred of them even though I am a grown woman.

So when the tornado warning was for our direct area, we packed up the kids and went to a friends house who has a basement. (Thank God for good friends!) I would rather feel stupid and over protective than to wish I had been. We have all seen the horror pictures of homes wiped out from tornadoes, and I didn't want to be in my home, without a basement if a tornado touched down.

5 Dead in small Ohio town.
So although no tornado ever came through and messed up our house, this could have been my town, my home. This is why I am better safe than sorry!


  1. you betcha! I don't think you're the only one!! :)

  2. We went and took our family that lives in a trailer to a safer place also. However here we are in Binghamton and when we arrived home a tree was down and broke down the neighbors fence hit a car and the neighbors house. Glad my kids and I had left.


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