Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moving and such

Finally decided on a title for my personal journal blog. I can come here and pour out my heart and share what's really going on in my heart and life with no worries of what people may think or say.

I am really getting excited about moving, and as I see our belongings being packed away and the wall of brown growing it is really starting to hit home how in just a few short days HOME will be in Henderson. Another wild adventure and experience with my sweet heart Jonathan. We are going to be pastoring again, what a privelege! This week I am choosing to focus on what we will be gaining and trying not to feel overwhelmed with the changes and busyness of everything. I believe we have been able to anyalize and determine what we need in order to thrive and succeed in our new home. By God's grace I pray it will be so. There is only so much you can know and plan, but we really did try to look at the area, and what we knew to make sure our family could flourish there.

Friday we will be going to Vaughn's doctors appointment with the developemental specialist, hopefully they will be able to tell us what exactly is going on with him. I really think it is Attention Deficit, he has a lot of troble focusing and paying attention. Although I do not like the idea of medication, I really think if there is a medicine that could help him in those areas we will at least look into it.

We are still a little undecided about whether or not to home school. I really want to, but I see benefits of public school as well. I do not want to shelter the children too much, nor do I want to not shelter them enough. you know what I mean? There is such a fine line, and our children are treasures from the Lord, and my number one goal is that they grow up to love God and serve Him with their whole hearts. To serve Him whole-heartedly, not half heartedly!

I have really been praying that God would increase my love for Jonathan and help me to not shut my emotions down. I have really FELT in love the past few days and have been really trying to connect and share with him. Physical contact and kissing really helps in this.

I am also trying to connect with each of the children daily, as I have seen in their behavior that they really need time and attention. Their world is being dismantled and torn apart. And while it may not be tumultuous, it can give them a sense of turmoil. God give us wisdom and grace and patience.

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