Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

We had to go pick up Jonathan from work, while we waited I wrote down these things the kiddos said. It really made me smile.
Karagen: Mommy, what can we draw on? We're poor. (How do you come up with us being poor just because we don't have any paper?)

Vaughn: We went swimming, we took a boat ride, Daddy also took me to see tractors! (He was using his imagination as none of those things had happened yet : )

Emmaus: I watched TV all day and ate macoroni. (Really? I must be an aweful mother!!!)

Silas: I took my shoes off-giggle. (They all had their shoes off, sigh)


  1. Cute! I LOVE the things kids say!

  2. This is too funny what the kids can come up with. Macaroni TV marathon cracked me up. Beautiful picture too!

  3. Too cute! :) Can you tell me how you pronounce your kiddos names? :)

  4. Karagen- care again
    Vaughn- Von
    Emmaus- EE May Us
    Silas- Silus (long i )
    Jachin- Jay kin
    Hope that helps on the name pronunciation : )

  5. A good imagination helps pass the time ;)

  6. Oh these were fabulous! Loved the "watched TV all day and ate mac" hehehe!
    Happy TTT! Welcome :)


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