Saturday, July 3, 2010

Independance Day With Thanks

Only women wear aprons. And, for good reason. They can come in handy. The men at Fort Henry, in what is now West Virginia, sure thought so. Under attack from Indians one fine day late during the Revolutionary War, there was a shortage of gunpowder. With no men or time to spare, Elizabeth Zane volunteered to run to her brother's house a short distance away to retrieve some needed gunpowder. The Indians did not try to shoot her on the way there. But, on the way back they noticed that she was carrying gunpowder in her apron. The Indians opened fire, barely missing her with arrow and musket shot. Reinforcements arrived the next day to save the fort from falling to the Indians. Had it not been for Elizabeth, that day might have been too late.

Today I enjoy a life of ease and luxury, escpecially compared with the the beginning days of our country. I don't have to struggle and work my fingers to the bone to just survive. I can Thrive with relative ease in a nation that has forgotten the real reason for its freedom.

In a nation that is quickly changing, right before my very eyes, I hope to be a woman who can face an uncertain future in an out of control world, with the courage of Elizabeth Zane.

Happy Independance Day!!! Happy July 4th!! God Bless America!!!


  1. Happy Independence Day!!

  2. Beautiful post, Crystal! Do you want to join in my small blog group for the Ruth Bible study? Did you get the book for it? Please let me know. I'd really like for you to be able to do it with us! Thank you!


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