Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Home, for now.

We are home and tired but so thankful for traveling mercies! What a weekend, traveling over 6 hours on Saturday, got lost (a little) the directions we were given had 1 wrong word in the street title that made us late, but we got to the home of the District Superintendant and his wife safely. We REALLY enjoyed our visit, they made us feel so at home! When we arrived I was able to go nurse Jachin and relax a little while the meal was finishing. We ate at almost 7 pm. We talked and visited awhile then went to bed....I drove the whole way so I was very glad to see the bed. And suprisingly the children did not really sleep on the way, not even the baby, so they all went right to sleep, what a relief!

Sunday morning Jonathan was up at 4:30 and handed me the baby to nurse then he worked on his message. We had a late breakfast that put us behind schedule, Jachin wanted to nurse and sleep and was screaming, so were my nerves. Admist that I realized Jonathan forgot to pack his suit pants -REALLY? I actually thought it was rather amusing is an uh oh kind of way. I wish I had a camera when I told him he had not brought them, I don't think I have ever seen his face so horrified! I also forgot my slip but the the couple we stayed with loaned me a slip and our host had a pair of black pants from when he was thinner that were just a tad too short, but fit around the waiste (at least stayed up, they were 34 and Jonathan is a 32 waiste) You can't expect perfection when the pants you normally wear are 32x34, tall and skinny and at home, anything is better than blue jeans though, right? But we managed to get ready and were 15 minutes early to church YAY! Those of you with children may understand the sense of relief of getting to your destination ON TIME!

Both services went well and we enjoyed meeting the people, sort of. I get shy or at least feel shy and feel so intimidated. But I watched a beautiful thing happen, our children melted hearts and broke the ice for me, even helped me to relax. I thanked God for this! We joined everyone for lunch in the fellowship building and once again I nursed the baby, which by now I realized was a lifesaver, I was able to relax, catch my breath and pray in the quite. After we ate, we met with the board and then we were able to see the parsonage. It was BEAUTIFUL! I told Jonathan Friday night (here at home) that I would really like to just be "wowed" by the parsonage, although as the words came out of my mouth they sounded selfish and crazy, but true ; ) All the children gleefully ran through all the rooms and giggled and jumped. Karagen kept asking the church people if they would like to come see the new house, it was so cute.

Sunday night was even better, Jonathan was more relaxed, so was I since we knew a little more of what to expect. I sang a special and he preached, then we visited with the people some more. I really sensed that we clicked with them better that night than we had in the morning. Jonathan and I were so glad we stayed for the evening service, it really helped us to "see" the people a little more.

Although we are not officially announcing our decision, I am free to say we were impressed and glad we went. The church will be voting this coming weekend and we are waiting to hear what the result is.

Before I go I want to list off the things about the parsonage to show you why I was "wowed". They are not listed in matter of importance so just keep that in mind.

It was built in 2001, central air, a master bedroom with a full bath, one 1/2 bath
(no more waiting in line to go) and another full bath. 4 bedrooms, a study, a 2 car garage, living room, dining room, laundry room, a full screened in back porch, a BIG, SPACIOUS kitchen, a dishwasher, nice kitchen flooring. Plenty of yard for gardening, playing, dog raising.... all kinds of things. Really a place I have only dreamed of living in.

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  1. Wow! Looks awesome! Praying for God's guidance!

  2. What a pretty spot! I am praying right now for God's will in this situation. I find it hard to meet new people to, and have also been thankful that I nurse when needing a break!!

    Thanks for your prayers. ;)

  3. So glad you made it back safely & all went so well! Praying for you!

  4. I'm so glad that things went as well as they did, even without the pants and slip! The house sounds incredible too. I wouldn't know what to do with all that room!


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