Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We are Here!

Just HAD to add this picture of Jachin: ) He is helping me unpack!

Thankful Thursday:

Some random things I am REALLY thankful for:

1. We arrived safely last Tuesday with no accidents and no mishaps.

2. Our children have SO much room to run and play *I have to beg them to come inside*

3. I am very comfortable with our new church family.

4. We have a former pastors wife as a very close neighbor, and she has brought us produce from her garden and has already become a friend.

5. My husband is in his element and his preaching is so different from what it used to be, he has really grown in the last few years we were out of the ministry.

6. I refuse to be lonely or depressed and God is helping me focus and train my mind and heart to take all my needs to Him.

7. We have decided on no television, it is expensive and time consuming, and has a negative impact and influence on our children. *We are still watching good movies so we are not depriving our children : )*

8. We have a wonderful pianist in our little church *something I really appreciate because our last pastorate had no pianist and it was hard!*

9. I have great views out of every window.

10. God has proved Himself true to me, and I can see that the last few years of trials and hardships were not in vain. This is perhaps what I am most thankful for.
11. I am also thankful for each one of you, my friends through blogging, for your prayers and great comments, I have really missed interacting and am glad to be in touch again : )


  1. I am SO happy to hear from you & SO glad everything is going so well! How exciting to have already met a friend! We are happy not to have a TV either (we watch videos on our computer every once in a while) & it has made for a MUCH happier home!
    Blessings my dear friend!

  2. I'm so happy you have arrived! It sounds like you are going to love it there!

  3. God is so faithful! He is blessing your family in so many ways. Alleluia!

  4. miss you soooo much, but it's good to hear that everything is going so well!! Can't wait to come and see. I'm really glad the children have so much room to play, it's like that with Logan, I have to MAKE him come in!!

  5. So glad you're there and everything is falling into place so nicely. I love reading your list of God's many blessings on you and your family!

  6. What wonderful blessings...thanks for the update! Your little one is so precious....

  7. i am so so very happy for you crystal.

  8. What a blessing it is to read this! I am so happy to see how God has moved during this transition in your lives. He is so good!!


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