Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lord, Increase My Faith!

I have been having conversations with God and my husband about our finances. We are receiving a very small amount for our weekly salary here at our small church. It is enough that we barely squeek by, and if I told you just how little it was you would be suprised we can even make it.

I decided that it is up to the Lord and my husband to provide for our family, it is not my place to be the bread winner. Strangely this has taken the pressure off of me, and although I manage the finances and the checkbook, it relieves some of the pressure. It's not a cop out, but a coping mechanism that makes me trust my husband and the Lord.

We were just talking this morning (God and me) and He was asking me to trust Him. Later in the morning my husband and I were discussing our finances and he was asking me if I could trust God to meet our financial needs. I said, sure I know I can, especially according to the Bible and God's promises. But, I added, " We do have some very specific needs and I just don't know how we are going to do it, and I have a lot of fear, which I am surrendering to God."

So, tonight after service I was asked if I would like to clean our church weekly, for $50 a week. "I don't want anything more to clean" haha. Of course I'll do it! And wow, that will really help with our way too tight budget. I am am just amazed at how quickly God has come through in meeting our need AND in increasing my faith (which is pitifully weak sometimes)


  1. Oh, how we all need more faith! I am so glad to hear you are learning to trust in God for your finances- it can weigh so heavily on each of us! And I'm thankful you will get to clean your church & be paid! :)

  2. Have you ever heard of Angel Food Ministries? It might be something that would help you out. You can check it out at
    Have a good day!

  3. The first year we were saved (1997) our income went from over $50,000 a year to $22,000! Though I had been in restaurant management a few years before, the Lord made it very clear to me that this was not my business! It was a HUGE growing time for me and my faith in the Lord was firmly established. There have been times since that I have actually missed that constant dependency on the Lord. May the Lord richly bless you as He walks you through this season :)

  4. Ah, that's amazing! He is so good and I pray continued blessings on your family!!

  5. Praise be to God, Crystal!! How wonderfully He provides. What a testimony of His faithfulness to pass on to your children.

  6. What an amazing story of the faithfulness of God. I love how we have to get to this point of surrender -- and I wish I would remember that when I'm in those places -- and then the Lord meets us in beautiful and unexpected ways. Ways that only point to him.




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