Friday, January 14, 2011

New Years Resolution

It's a little late for that right? Well, just so you know I made it on time, just haven't blogged about it. My New Years Resolution for this year is to have my quiet time with the Lord Every day. If you are a mom you know how hard this can be, and if you're not you know how hard this can be : ) There was a time in my life when I felt guilty (a good guilt, yes there is such a thing!) if I did anything before I had my prayer time and Bible reading, but slowly (like years slowly) it became more hit and miss, until the end of last year, weeks would go by without me picking up the Word. I am very ashamed of this, but not guilty of this any more. So this year I made 1 resolution, I could have had a list 20 feet long of all that I wanted to change, but God clearly showed me this 1 thing and I felt sure that if this one thing was "fixed" my long list would be fixed too!

The very first day of the New Year, after staying up until 12am to bring in the New Year with my brother and sister and my family, I was exhausted. I rolled over in bed, peeked at the clock, tuned my ears to the fact that everyone was still sleeping (including ALL 5 of our kids) and ALMOST decided to get a few extra winks. Just as quickly I felt the Lord speak to my heart, "You can do without a little extra sleep, but you cannot do without your time with me."
So I got up and had a very precious time with the Lord. I brewed some coffee, got my journal and Bible all ready, sat down on the couch in a perfectly quiet house and had a precious time with the Lord. He met with me so sweetly and gave me a verse which I am memorizing for the year. My heart is steadfast o Lord, I will sing and give praise. Psalm 108:1a What a verse for me, I needed a steadfast heart, and I could only get that from Jesus!

I am continuing on this journey with great although not perfect success. There have been mornings where I have missed the early rising, but still taken the time any way. There have been days I have had interruptions (there will be those days) but I have still taken the time out anyway. A very intersting thing happened, by taking my personal prayer time (even though it made me behind on so many things) I somehow was ahead and had a better day!

In conclusion I am desperately needing to excersise, and this is an "unofficial" resolution. I have placed a mile counter on the bottom of my blog for accountability. Please feel free to encourage me : ) I want so much to "do better" in a lot of areas, and I am trusting God with a steadfast heart!


  1. Bless You! A precious and honest post that I as a busy mom can so relate to. The days go so much more smoothly when we start them out right though.

  2. Great post. Ever since I had Jack I have had SUCH a hard time getting in a daily quiet time with the with the twins coming I just don't know when it will ever settle down. I'm hoping to find even a small amount of time each're so right when you said that we can do without that extra sleep (i think?!?) but not without time spent with the Lord!

  3. I Love this precious, honest post. I understand the guilt thing! I think Jesus is with us all the time and he wants us to take any and every moment we can to see and listen and learn from him! Your right, some days it happens early and in the quiet, and those are yummy, but some does it just doesn't, but that doesn't mean we should give up!! I love this!!!!

  4. What a great resolution... it IS difficult isn't it!? I'll be praying for you & look forward to hearing more of your precious time with God!


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