Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Saturday night, right before bed, Silas had an accident and scraped the inside of his mouth quite badly. He pushed the gums up away from his teeth and broke the frenulum that connected his upper lip to his gums. He was bleeding everywhere and he ended up having to go to the ER.
Before we left Karagen (7) said:
"Mommy, we need to pray that Silas won't die, and that the roads will not be icy." It was very interesting to me that the roads were clear on our way there, and drifted and icy on our way home. God hears the prayers and faith of children!
We have a wonderful 2 car garage and the children love to go there and play when it is too cold to play outside. Vaughn (6) really wanted someone to play out there with him one day and I overheard him saying to Silas: "Silas I NEED you!" He was very convincing. : )
Emmaus (4 1/2) loves to pretend to be a princess. She received some princess dresses for Christmas and loves them. She had them on one day and she came and told me this: "Mommy, I'm trying to be a princess, but he won't dance with me!"
Silas (3) is the biggest rascal of the bunch. I was giving him a piggy back ride and went to put him down and he said : "No I want another piggy bank ride!" I told him he would have to go get some money from his piggy bank to pay for his piggy bank ride. haha


  1. So cute! Love that prayer was the FIRST answer!!
    Out of the mouths of babes...:)

  2. That's too funny that Silas is the biggest rascal of the bunch... because Luke is my "Dennis the Menace". I was in the grocery store the other day and a man came up to me and said, "Excuse me, ma'am, but your son is filling your cart with candy"... :) That's what happens when you turn your back in the candy aisle! It cracks me up how many similarities there are between our "corresponding children". :)

  3. Oh- so cute!!!! I hope Silas is doing better!

  4. How is Silas doing now? Poor little guy. Children say the most adorable things and for him to ask for prayer lets me know that Mommy and Daddy are raising him right!! Thank you for the prayers my sister. They mean the world to me and I desire them. Hugs...

  5. Piggy bank comment is too cute. I also love that the first response was prayer. God is good. I hope your little guy is doing better.

  6. Hope your son is feeling better :)

  7. HOpe your son is feeling better. What precious prayers.

    Love the I NEED you comment - I can see my kids NEEDING a play buddy desperately :)

    Happy TTT!


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