Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Adventures of a Pastor's Wife #2

I'm Joining Internet Cafe Devotions for WFW

I am too prone to worry, and worry is something I am daily surrendering to God. However there are times when I am frail and worry and carry out crazy scenarios in my head and really have to turn to God, and give them over to Him, yet I am so glad to know He is never too busy for me, even for my "small" problems!

Sunday mornings during the preaching I take the children downstairs and we have Children's Church. I have really been working hard to make this time exciting and enjoyable to my young audience. This is a special time to teach them God's Word, how to pray and many other wonderful truths. Right now we are learning the 10 commandments and are making banners using felt pieces with the commandments written on them in glitter glue. I don't mind doing crafts, as long as they are not pointless and won't go into the trash a few days later.

We have 3 teenagers 13-16 who have joined us in Children's Church in the past, and are bored out of their minds and who have complained about what we have done. On Sunday as I was taking the children down ( ages 1-7) these 3 teenagers got up to come down too. I told them to please go sit back in the service as they were too old for Children's Church. I knew there would be people who would be upset, and I was so tempted to stay downstairs and hide when service was over : ) We were told that if there was nothing for these teens, they did not want to come to church. The age gap was just too great for them to be in with the children and yet I wanted them to have a class too, but I am only one person. We are also a small what was the answer? The family who told us their kids wouldn't want to come left when we first came here to our pastorate and there were some issues with gossip. Jonathan also started a Youth Group on Thursday evenings for these young people and I just didn't know what more to do. *Sigh* I fretted and stewed and told Jonathan that I guessed they could come down as long as there were no complaints and they behaved : ) I was very distressed, and didn't feel too much better after lunch and as I was drifting off to sleep for our afternoon nap.

However, when I woke up, the Lord brought such a sense of peace to my heart, so very much what I needed! And then Sunday night our pianist offered to do a class for the youth, how wonderful is that?

But the real re-assurance came Monday morning in my Devotions and prayer time. I have been reading through the Psalms, and have been enjoying them, but there is nothing like opening God's Word and having the Lord speak straight to your heart, that's what the Lord did for me Monday morning.

He will not allow your foot to be moved: He who keeps you will not slumber.

Psalm 121:3


  1. Great word. Blessed to read the good news. Your children are adorable.

  2. Pastor's wife of a small church...I believe you have the toughest job friend. :)

    Praying wisdom for you! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. You made the right choice! At 13 those kids parents should be wanting them to sit in service with them!!! God is so faithful to speak to our need and work on our behalf. hugs!


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