Monday, August 16, 2010

1000 Gifts

Amid the chaos of a family of 7, chaos that really starts to wear on me after supper. Fussy baby, crying children, running, yelling laughing, talking. The sounds I have heard all day and patiently listened to. But at the end of the day, I just want quiet, I want space, I want to be alone.

In the midst of my craving my heart looks up, to Him and I can't help but remember the times He looked up. He stole away to the quiet, to His refuge, His father. If Jesus had to do do I! So here I am, Lord....feeling empty, strung out and sigh.....tired. I am looking up, amidst the sounds of the family, I am turning to you, taking THIS moment to thank you once again for ALL you do for me, for ALL you have given me, for what you have not given me. For EVERYTHING. When it seems like I can do nothing else, I can thank you.

I do not thank you enough.

16. A wonderful home, that is home because of those who are in it.
17. The dishwasher running, I have the dishes done, and I do not have to wash them all by hand.
18. For a husband who is painting our living room and has been all day.
19. For our dinner of leftovers.
20. For the 5 precious children around it, even the one who was SO grouchy.
21. For all the bags of groceries the Denton church gave to our family today.
22. For being able to open our home twice yesterday and serve you through hospitality.
23. For the strength to get to the very end of Sunday with just enough energy.
24. For always being there, to listen to my whispered prayers and my pleas for wisdom.
25. For faith.
26. For being ALL I need.
27. For little ones who still need me to comfort them.
28. I am never's a good thing!
29. Those glass doors with the finger prints all over them.
30. For your Word that gives direction and guidance to me.

holy experience


  1. Thanks for sharing! Glad you are getting settled! Hoping for a grouchless day tomorrow for you!! :)

  2. What a wonderful list!! I think I could have written many of those as well. :)
    I pray all is going well as you are getting settled in your new place!! How do you like it??

  3. Crystal,
    I understand. :) And gratitude really is the perfect balm for a weary soul. God bless you as you raise those precious children for His glory. :)


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