Monday, August 16, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

We played a little game today while Jonathan was painting the living room and I was nursing Jachin. The children were sitting on the couch, which was in the middle of the room. Since we were all together and I was bored, I started a game of what do you love about_______. We went through each family member and said what we loved about them.

Karagen: (about me) I love your sparkly teeth and your blue eyes. I love your freckles! (ya, I love my freckles too...insert a lot of sarcasm) lol

Vaughn: I love your sparkly teeth, ( he said that to everyone as he was being lazy and didn't want to think about it)

Emmaus: (about daddy) I love daddy because he is so special! I love daddy because he is so sweet!)

Silas: I don't like anybody. lol


  1. loved the post! kids say the cutest things. Crystal, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. The cookies were absolutely delicious! We were really surprised at how they tasted, and they were still really fresh!

  2. Somebody's got to be contrary (Silas!) That was my brother John growing up--we always teased him that if everyone else said "McDonald's" he'd say "Burger King." He wasn't too fond of playing along.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Love your post. Reminded my of Tabitha the other day. She didn't like anyone but her daddy. Sort of cute, but it hurts too.
    I will be following your blog.

  4. Absolutely adorable. you are totally creative for coming up with that one :)

    The sparkly teeth is funny. Cute stuff!

    Happy TTT!


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