Friday, August 27, 2010

If you could only hear what Im thinking

I am glad you can't!
I am so glad people cannot read my mind! Although sometimes I wish they could, just ask my husband. *wry grin* Here are some things I have thought:
We went to the beach last Friday, there were people laying out in the boiling HOT sun.
My thoughts:
You can go home and lay on your couch or your lawn, when you're at the beach, shouln't you be in the water? (it would be cheaper, as you have to pay to get in here)
And besides...don't you know the suns rays are extremely harmful and cancer causing??
Today while in the mall we passed a Victoria Secret, and then here online reading an interesting article on Kangaroo Care for preemie babies.
My thoughts:
Can someone please tell these women to go home and put some clothes on?!
And, why when I am reading about innocent, do I have to be subjected to half naked ....I mean 95% naked women (in advertisements)?
Women, you sell yourselves too cheaply!
Tonight after a long day:
My thoughts:
Do I really have to make dinner? Again? What is the easiest meal to make? Ok, fish sticks sound good, and let's see, how about (homemade) mac n'cheese and I'll throw in some canned fruit salad to make it healthy.
Today when a neighbor was talking to my hubby and kids.
My thoughts:
Crystal, go over there and talk to her!! She will not bite you!
Today while nursing Jachin in a fitting room in JC Penny's
My thoughts:
This is so easy, no bottles, no hassles, just pull up the shirt and lunch is served! : ) Hmmm this just seems wrong it's so easy!
My thoughts:
Is it bed time yet?
Right now:
My thoughts:
I wish this mouse would work anybody reading this? I have to go switch the laundry, put away the food, wash dishes....thank God the children are winding down to a movie! I am so glad Jachin is sleeping!
Every day:
Oh, they are so cute, where's my camera?
There you have it, a window into my mind...hopefully you are not too enlightened! Have a wonderful night everyone! Or day, or afternoon or whatever. Smile, it makes you sweet face look better : ) I am, oh wait, no I'm not.
Laugh Out Loud!


  1. Love it! Have thought a lot of the same things!

  2. I think I've had all these same thoughts at various times . . . lol

  3. LOL I definitely did! I can relate to most of this post! Thanks for ending my night with a smile!

  4. I absolutely positively LOoOoOove this post. =)

  5. you seriously crack me up crystal! i love it!


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