Friday, April 13, 2012

Little Update

For those of you who are interested, there is a group pg on FB, this is for updates and prayer requests about Karagen.  It is called Praying for Karagen Roberts, here is the link.!/groups/203106149792216/

Thursday, April 12:
It is official, Karagen starts chemo thereapy tomorrow. Her Aunt Shell and Uncle Frank are staying the night with her. Jonathan and I are home together for the first time since everything started.
Jonathan and I also had a meeting with the NIH,(National Institute of Health) a huge campus and hospital in Bethesda MD. We went there to discuss Karagen's case and the future need of radiation. Once she is there she will need at least 6 weeks of radiation. Her risk of side effects is higher because of the extensivie area that needs treated.
We also found out from the oncology and radiation doctors how rare medulloblastoma is, only 400 cases a year, brain tumors in kids are very rare only about 2,500 a year in the US. One of the doctors told us "it's just really bad luck" of course we don't believe in bad luck, we believe that God has known all along Karagen would end up with cancer. We also believe that somehow and someway He will get our family through this. We desire a complete healing-of course. But.... we desire God's will and best for Karagen first and foremost.
Karagen has shown great determination through everything and is working very hard to walk again. She was able to scoot herself into bed, without anyone lifting her or her legs into bed.
Thank you everyone who committed to pray for her around the clock, and those who are praying other/all the time!

Some have asked for our address as well:
Po.  Box 15
Henderson MD 21640

Thank you all for your prayers, we really need them!


  1. What a blessing to see all God's people coming together to lift up your precious daughter. Hugs and prayers Crystal!

  2. Thank you for the update, and the facebook page. We are continuing to lift you all up, and I have been spreading the word here.

    Hugs my friend.


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