Sunday, September 11, 2011


So I decided to name this baby Patience-haha.  Especially since she is 2 days late, and I have had many hours of false labor.  My patience is wearing thin and I believe God is teaching me a lesson in patience.  It is not too bad still being pregnant, what is exhausting is getting up through the night due to painful contractions that aren't progressing.  They wake me up but don't get the baby out : )  There are many women out there who have gone weeks over-due, including my husband's mom, I never have desired to join their ranks lol.  On the bright side, maybe I'll have her tomorrow night according to a man in our church, it has something to do with the moon.  We shall see, meanwhile I am praying for strength for my weariness, not from being pregnant but from being tired.

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  1. As I sit here, I'm wondering if you're holding Patience right now. Surely she has made her debut. If not, hang it there. You won't be pregnant forever. Cherish the kicks and jabs while you can. Hugs...


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