Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Heart Strings

She pulls at my heart-
By the string attached to us both before she was born.
And as her umbilical cord grew-
So did that string.
When she was born, the cord was cut
But not our heart string!
It has grown and grown, our heart string-
I am all tangled in it, wrapped up in it, mesmerized by it
made speechless, overwhelmed!
Just one little girl, and what of the other five?
I have so many heart strings, wrapped all around me
Holding my heart so tightly
They take my breath away.

Written for Emmaus.  We went on a walk together this morning.  She has a dazzling smile and as she ran ahead of me, then looked back to see if I was watching, as her little hand gripped mine, I thought how quickly time has flown, she is over 5 already- she totally pulled at my heart strings!  You mommy's will understand!


  1. That mother-love changes us in so many ways. I've tried to describe it to a first-time expectant mommy and the only thing I can say is "It is a love unlike any you've ever known before!" The amazing thing to me is that our heavenly Father loves us like this, only so much more!

  2. She's such a pretty girl, and yes....I DO understand. Completely. ~Karen @ Pink Parsonage

  3. Oh, my, goodness. She looks so grown up!! I miss them all :( But glad to see you all happy!! :)


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