Monday, December 12, 2011

Hi, I'm Barbie

 Hi! My name's Barbie- at least that's what the box said last year. Don't you just love my smile?
Karagen may have renamed me.
I am being re-gifted this year with a home made out fit.
Karagen is getting a matching skirt to go with my outfit.
Shhhhh, she has no idea.
Did you know tiny Barbie clothes are irritating a challenge to make? By the way, the outfit is the gift, I just left it on her so Karagen will know how to dress her.
It's called a Frugal Christmas, time and effort and a lot of LOVE!
What are you doing to save $$$ this year?

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  1. What a great gift! She will love it more than the expensive kind. You did a great job, but I have to agree that barbie clothes are the worst! ~Karen @ Pink Parsonage


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