Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Hard Being Me!

 GraceyAnna 3 weeks
 My name is GraceyAnna, and I have the hardest job in the house.  I have to keep all these people who love me happy!
 I have to be cute and pretty on Sunday's....
 I have to help Mommy with the laundry, she does have 8 people to do laundry for you know....
 Sometimes I even have to give Mommy some one on one conversation.
 I have to brighten everyone's day with my smile (3 weeks)
 I have to keep Mommy company and give her lots of cuddles.....
 I even have to let her kiss me.
 Don't you think she looks kind of funny?
 Well, I do! (5 weeks)
 I have to make sure Daddy stays awake while he reads....
 But sometimes, I just get so tired out from all my work!
 And a little grouchy. (2 weeks)
 But then I stop and think about all the people that love me....
 Like Jachin, who likes to kiss me on the mouth...
 And Vaughn who always begs to hold me....
 But then again they all beg to hold me.(Silas- GraceyAnna 1 day)
 I have to sit real still, and try not to cry- (1 week)
Sometimes I just give up and go to sleep : )  (1 week)


  1. How cute! She is growing and a pretty baby! Karen @ Pink Parsonage

  2. What a doll!! :) Beautiful pictures!

  3. Congratulations!! She's beautiful, and it's delightful to see these pictures. God bless you!


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