Wednesday, March 20, 2013


    I have lived thirty onederful (wonderful, get it?) 31 years.  My birthday was March 7.  Jonathan and I went on a mini honeymoon, haha.  It was so nice, we left home on Thursday March 7th and drove up to the Binghamton New York area for our church's district Ministerial Retreat.  We met some family and some friends (though both couples feel like family) at Olive Garden, which if we ever meet like that again we will go somewhere else as some of our party had a difficult time finding food that interested them :)  We had a tasty dinner then we went to a hotel for one night, just the two of us.  The next day we had breakfast with Jonathan's mom and Grandma, then we met with more friends (including my 86 year old friend, who is so special!) went to Barne's and Nobles and sipped coffee and split an apple cheesecake slice, then we were able to go to the theater and watched the new Oz movie (in recliners no less), then headed to our retreat.  We came home late Saturday.  All in all it was a wonderful time!

Here are a few birthday pictures:

                                           Jonathan and Emmaus made me a carrot cake.    
Jeremy and Lorikate 
Scott and Abby
Jonathan and I  (I was getting a little warm)


The Birthday Girl.  I am laughing in the picture below because Gracey was trying to get in the picture, you can just barely see her head.
I was so amazed and IMPRESSED by this beautiful quilt a special someone made and gave me for my birthday.  Jonathan said I'd better not say who so they won't get a bunch of requests :)

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