Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene August 28, 2011

 Yesterday while it rained, our kids play area.
 The church's field behind the fellowship hall, it was a lake.
 Our back yard
 To the left of our home.
Back field again from the road. 
 Local road closed.

 Water across the road.

 Water erosion.

 We drove through this (above)

We are safe and dry-and very grateful.  In our local neighborhood there were no downed trees and the biggest problem has been flooding.  Our power flickered through the night (Saturday night) but never did go completely out.  We spent the night in our church which is brick and has a basement due to tornado warnings for our area.  Although I did not sleep well (more from being 38 weeks pregnant and on an air mattress) we were so thankful for the sturdy walls of our church and safety.  Our church rents the building to a Spanish congregation Sunday afternoons, and a family from that congregation joined us in the church for the night.  Jonathan also let our neighbors know they were welcome to spend the night there if they needed to.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures! So glad you were safe! ~Karen @Pink Parsonage


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