Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where were you when-the earthquake hit?

Yesterday I experienced my first ever earthquake.  We live on the eastern shore and the earthquake was centered in Virginia.  Earlier that day we had crossed the Bay bridge, and we chatted about the men there on that high, long bridge.  They were there for painting, repairs and maintenance. I thought of them after the tremors shook our house quite strongly and learned later that the bridge was closed while it was checked for damage.

I know there are some who think the quake was "no big deal" and that's what I keep telling myself.  But the questions ring in my mind, what if it had been stronger, longer, more serious?  While our house was shaking I had the overwhelming thought "Where are all my babies?"  And the crazy thought "Who is shaking the house?"  Funny what goes through your mind.  So, ya we survived, but it made me stop and think.

For some other random updates: I am thoroughly enjoying all the braxton hick contractions that drive me crazy- NOT *smile*

I am completely ready for the little one to arrive-NOT (well, I am ready but the house isn't)

 I took Vaughn to the doctor and he will begin medication for ADHD- I am so sick of seeing him struggle to pay attention and focus, my heart just couldn't take it anymore.  He had a lot of fun with the doctors visit today, he thought it was a great adventure and immensely enjoyed talking the doctors ear off.  He is quite charming with his dimples and freckles.

We have been having amazing times as a family where the kids say things that just crack me up.
Like Emmaus (5) She was lounging on the couch next to me and Silas was picking at her (you know how kids can be)  She told him "Stop picking at my diaper!"  She was tired and not paying attention and it was hilarious!  I laughed and soon all the family was in full blown giggle fits, which made everything even funnier : )

You know you have a lot of people to buy for when you visit a thrift store, and you are delighted to find they have a 25 cent sale on all children's clothes and you still manage to spend over 50.00.  We were blessed to find many name brand- brand new like clothes ; )  And I love saying, "that's a 50 cent outfit!"

We have been so blessed to freeze and can so much produce from our garden.  Jonathan worked so hard and long planting, weeding, picking and canning with me.  He did an excellent job and we were blessed to freeze over 50 quarts of corn and beans, we gave over 1000 ears of corn away.  We have canned delicious tomato sauce, jams and jellies.  We harvested over 20 watermelons, and entire wheel barrel of butternut squash and are now enjoying cantaloupe.  We have given and given produce away and made some new friends through it.  It has been an extremely long and busy summer.

And last but not least, we ARE homeschooling.  I am excited and nervous.  God has laid it on our hearts and there has been no wavering.  We have filled out the required form for Maryland to let the school board know of our intention.  We will have to wait until after Labor day due to the state having a requirement of waiting 15 days to begin homeschooling after they receive the form.  Today the public school began, and our little ones stayed home.  We will have Karagen in 2nd grade, Vaughn in 1st, Emmaus in kindergarten, and Silas in pre-k.  We also learned that the local public school has over 700 students, a huge jump from last year.  Their student to teacher ratio is very high.  I will be sharing more about our homeschooling journey in the future.

This was long and random, forgive me.  Thanks for taking the time to read : )


  1. I enjoyed this post. All the randomness that makes a home and a family. Sounds like you have had a very busy profitable summer! I cannot blame you for being nervous in an earthquake! I hate them! Best wishes for an easy delivery and a wonderful homeschool year--we will be homeschooling again as well! ~Karen

  2. What a beautiful testimony of God's so many ways!! So glad for you, and I know you must be getting excited about the arrival of your dear baby girl. :) Be encouraged about the homeschooling, especially on the hard days. Great things are often the hardest to do!! And remember to go easy on yourself when you have your baby. Enjoy the time snuggling and loving one another....there's a lot to be learned from simply doing that. Hugs to you!!

  3. Catching up on your blog :) I'm homeschooling Logan again this year. After his father's death I felt he didn't need the pressure. He is learning so fast this year already. Some kids learn better that way. Have fun with it!! :)


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