Thursday, October 24, 2013

1 Year....and a Day

How can one year be gone already?

I ask that.

Time marches on.

Like a million leaves falling...

My memories mimic the season.

My feelings too.

Sadness, constant sadness.





Tears...oh so many tears.




I cannot bear to visit her grave.  She should not be there, she should be with me...with us.

I accidently write her name.

I accidently call her in from play....still.

I dream of her and awake with tears and crying sighs.

I feel the emptiness she left behind.  Oh how I feel it.

I receive gifts in her honor, I feel mocked and wish for her.  I don't want things, I want her.

I have little shrines to help us remember what I can never forget.

She's gone and so is a part of me.

I feel bad this seems so dark, so bleak.  But this grief is so great, so heavy.  I miss her so much, there aren't enough words to describe how much.


  1. Dear friend, my heart hurts for yours. Prayers lifted up!
    Love, Jessica

  2. Don't ever feel bad for writing what is in your heart. Hugging you with prayer!


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