Monday, May 7, 2012

Emmaus's 6th Birthday

We celebrated Emmaus's 6th Birthday Party on Saturday, April 28 at Children's National Hospital.
Her guests included- All siblings, Great Grandma Braisted and Pop Pop, Mommy and Daddy.
Emmaus and Karagen.
Everyone (except Jachin) piled on the bed to see the new ipad.
Emmaus and her balloons.

 Pop Pop and Gracey.
Great Grandma and Gracey.
Karagen was tired out!
Where's Emmaus?

Time to eat!  Where's the food?

Emmaus was heard saying (on her real birthday)  "I want to have a party today, the party on Saturday was just a fake party".  LOL  I am not sure what part of that was "fake" but that is a true Emmaus statement.
We love you so much Emmaus, you are bright, articulate and particular.  We love your beaming smile and are so proud of how brave and strong you have been.  You have worked hard to fill Karagen's shoes and have been so helpful!  Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


  1. Happy birthday to Emmaus! Such beautiful smiles!

  2. Great to see the happiness in their faces and to see you all celebrating together. I am so glad that God is there for you all.


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