Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This years to do List-LLLLLLL

Love on the kids more

Love on the man more

Love on the house more-clean, clean and more clean

Listen more- but not to myself unless it's positive

Look on the bright side-not the wrong side

Leave the past behind-again and again

Let go of what DOES'NT matter

Look up-to the Father

Live each minute, each second to the fullest.  Squeeze out every drop of happiness and gratefulness.

I want to Lean on the Lord, Labor, Learn, be a Light, Lead,  put myself Last, Laugh, Launch out, be Level Headed, have Liberty, be a Life Saver, Load Lifter, Likeable,  Liveable, Lyrical.  I want my life to have Luster!

I don't want to:
 be Lazy, to be Lanate ( having a wooly or hairy appearence) be a Leach, Lecture, Lie, be a bump on a  Log, have a Long face, be Longish (somewhat long)  ( I also encourage Jonathan to not preach longish), Loony, Loopy, a Loser, a Lout (a clumsy stupid fellow) Leave anyone in a Lurch, or be like a Lytta ( a worm under a dogs tongue thought to cause rabies leading to madness) haha

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