Monday, March 14, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

I have read Ann Voskamp's new book 1000 Gifts, it was very good, and it brought a whole new perspective on my journey to 1000 thanks (and beyond). I am behind on my thanks but hope to catch up.
31. White chubby arm of baby draped across his daddy's shoulder
32. Baby smile with few teeth that makes it all worth it
33. Disappearing cookies
34. Disappearing food
35. Baby cuddling in laundry
36. The whole family kicking their feet on the floor with the baby
37. Those arms that hold me.
38. Scent of him
39. Bed
40. Getting through the first days of post office training.
41. New reminder's that I really do like people
42. Baked goods and messy kitchen, still needing cleaned
43. Imperfection, me, husband, children, all of us.
44. Tired oldest boy.
45. The cooler in the yard puddle, out in the middle.
46. Giggling children
47. Clutter that comes again and again
48. Greater reliance on my Father
49. Life's busy-ness
50. Hope

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