Friday, March 11, 2011

Birthday Blessings

Monday March 7, 2011
Jonathan made me a delcious carrot cake from scratch, with homemade cream cheese frosting!
He also made me lasagna from scratch, his first time making it and it was delicious!
Look at all those candles : ) I turned 29, and according to Karagen I am "OLD!"
I look a little tired here, it was the end of the day and I had worked 8 hours at the post office...and with being pregnant, I was worn out, but happy indeed!


  1. look lovely and young! Happy Birthday!

  2. You ARE very blessed! Happy birthday - a wonderful post and such a precious family.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!! March 7th is my birthday too, but I turned 34. :-/ Hope your day was as special as you are!


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