Monday, October 25, 2010

Ordinary Day

Today has been a pretty good day. Jachin got me up around 4 times during the night, and Jonathan as well since I sleepily elbowed him to "get the baby." It is unusual for him to wake up that much through the night and I figure he is growing, so my day started with a too much interrupted sleep headache. Have you ever had one of those?

The day can be catagorized as good because of several things. #1 Jonathan helped me clean the house this morning. I know many people have their house cleaning down pact, but I sometimes feel like I fight a losing battle against laundry and dirt and dishes. So when Jonathan helps me get a handle on it, it is so wonderful! # 2 We went on a date. It was not highly romantic (can Wal-Mart and Bob Evans be classified as romantic ? : ) Of course when you are with the one you love haha. We had a very nice date, we stopped at a little second hand store and then went and ate, then off to our biggest spending place-Wal-Mart.

Who watched the kids? Well God has really blessed us with a christain neighbor. Her name is Rose and she has become a very dear and trusted friend. She is always checking on us and bringing us things and listening to us when we have something we need to talk about. She is so unique and so precious. We love her to pieces even though we have only known her for a short while. After Emmaus went on the bus at 12pm we went on our date so she only had to watch Silas and Jachin. And when we got home at around 4pm. Jachin was in his booster seat smiling and cooing and she was grinning too. A welcome sight for me!

I am hiding right now. I came into the study and closed and locked the door so I could blog. I have a little buddy on the floor, he is amusing himself by pulling apart old tapes. Anything to keep this Grumblebug happy.

Thank you to those of you who have followed at my new blog, I so appreciate your comments and want you to know that I really enjoy reading your blogs as well. I will make a point to come and see what you have been up to lately.


  1. oh! I totally think Walmart is a date, I completely understand about the loosing battle with housework, especially laundry, dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms...hugs Crystal!

  2. he got so big!!! Watching baby Einstein with Rosie atm, she's such a grumblebug too.... glad you had a good time, miss ya tons!

  3. Glad to hear from you again, Crystal!

  4. I too understand the never-ending battle of TRYING to keep the house clean!! And, Walmart is definitely a date! :) Ours is often to Target.
    How great to have such a sweet neighbor lady! She sounds wonderful!


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