Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Vaughn 5 (while singing in church) We were singing He is Exalted and Vaughn was singing "He is exhausted" at the top of his lungs, I was cracking up!

Silas 3 (Jonathan had stepped outside and was talking to a neighbor, Silas went to the front door to see what his daddy was doing; "Hey what is Donathan doing?"

Emmaus 4 (she came into my bedroom while I was nursing Jachin to sleep) She said "I came in here with you to get some peace and quiet!" Apparently 4 year olds need peace and quiet too : )

Karagen 6 (She was singing in the back seat of the van while we were driving around our new area) I wrote it down:
"We're living in a new town, we have a new house. Oh we are living in this town, it's a little town, but we can still have fun. When it's my birthday, I'm going to get a new bike, Oh ya, Oh ya!

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  1. LOVE the comments! Especially "He is exhausted!" LOL!

  2. Love it! There is nothing better that the words little ones say!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. We actually got my daughter's library bag at the library! And boy did we need it today. We got 10 books all about dinosaurs! She loves Dinosaurs! Have a great day!

  3. So cute!! Your kids are adorable! I always LOVE to hear what my children are REALLY singing!! :)

  4. Just like the above, that was my favorite too!

  5. That's cute that the little one wanted some peace and quiet.

  6. These are so cute!

    Love your blogs fall colors, too...


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