Friday, September 3, 2010

Funny Friday

I'm Rich, I'm rolling in dough!
I'm rising to the occasion!
My cup runneth over (er, my bread pan)
If only $$$ was this easy to make : )

Can you think of any cute captions to go with the dough picture above?


  1. wow! Now that is a lot of dough! Thanks for stopping by my blog. We have only had her just a few hours, but love her so much!

  2. He he!! I'm so bad at making captions... but yummy bread!

  3. I loved this. some of my dough rise very well, that is touching the top and all but I've never had it like that. I am right there with you about the $$$ thought.

  4. These look absolutely wonderful!!! what is your recipe?

  5. oh no funny, and yummy, what happened?


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