Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother Day 2013

I want to remember this day, this moment.


I wanted to remember Karagen on this day, we took some solar lights to her grave and took our family picture there.
Gracey climbed up for some snuggles while I was napping.
Jonathan wrote me this wonderful letter below, I think I'm going to frame it.

There are few words to describe the complexity of my feelings today.  I miss Karagen more than I can ever describe, yet am surrounded by so many blessings too numerous to count.  I am so thankful for the 5 beautiful children I still have to hug, kiss and love, they make my world go round.


  1. I knew this post was going to be hard to look at :( I "love" the first picture, it says so much. Hugs to you today!! -Susie

  2. Beautiful letter from your husband--had me in tears! I do believe that every word of it is true! God bless you real good today, my friend!

  3. Beautiful. I can't imagine your grief, or the strength you have. Clearly you have allowed the Lord to make you so beautiful admit such pain. Hugs to you. Your posts always make me cry. Someday maybe we will get to meet up and I can give ya a big hug in person. Happy Mother's Day to you. Love ya girl. ~Carla~

  4. Wow Crystal, what an amazingly sad, yet powerfully encouraging post! You are such an inspiration to me. How truly blessed you are to see all of this from an eternal perspective. The family photo made tears well up in my eyes. Your husband's words caused them to spill over. Thank you for sharing your journey!


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