Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Back To Eden Gardening...A Family Affair

We are switching our gardening techniques this year.  We don't have a lot of time to spend weeding and what we looked in to gardening info and a local organic farmer told Jonathan about Back to Eden gardening.  No tilling, you start by laying down newspaper 6-7 papers thick, cover that with wood mulch 6-7 inches thick, aged manure and then plant.  Every garden needs 3 things, food, oxygen and water.  If you are into gardening I highly recommend watching the video on the Back to Eden web site.  I will be chronicling our journey and our results.  We should have started our garden in the fall and let it sit all winter, but alas we just came across this gardening method. We are very hopeful!
 Putting down the paper.
 Capturing the renegade
 Silas on top of the mulch pile
 Mmhhhmm I can help too (Jachin)
 Emmaus the rooster.
 Handsome Hubby.
 Hard working Buddy-Vaughn
Another rooster, he was born to be one :) (Silas)
Tuesday, April 9. 2013


  1. We did this Crystal and it works very nicely!

    1. That's awesome! Where are you at? And when did you do it?

  2. I've never heard of this method. Will be interested to see how well it works for you.


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