Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Washington Zoo

Karagen had a school field trip to the Washington Zoo. I was the chaperone for the trip as well and we had a set of twins with us, Destiny and Hailey. Karagen was so excited that I was able to come and we had a wonderful time.

On the bus on our way!

2 hour trip there.
Just arrived and ready for lunch!

Elephant walking away-how exciting ; )

Tiger walking away-what do we smell or something?

An alligator-is it real?

The people all around were asking if it was real and I was thinking "Duh, this is a zoo, of course it's real! And when they asked the attendant she pretty much said the same thing- without the "duh" of course!

An Orangutan climbing the cables right over our heads.

The twins Destiny and Hailey.

Waiting to get on the bus and go home.

I was amused to find this on the camera this morning, I took a ten minute snooze, and Karagen got a picture of it. At least my mouth wasn't open : )


  1. Like you said on my post..."the last picture melts your heart!" Just kidding! But, we moms do need our 10 minute snoozes. Looks like a fun trip!


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