Monday, February 21, 2011

Great Expectations

We are so excited to finally announce we are expecting baby # 6!
We were able to go to the doctor last week, we saw our precious little one by ultra-sound, and heard the heart beat!
Due date: September 9, 2011
I am 3 months this week!
We are truly blessed to be expecting again, and thrilled to our toes!!!
The girls want another girl for their girl club : )
Karagen called Pop and Grammy and told them we were going to have another baby today, so now we can share with you.


  1. Oh JOY! I am so very happy and excited for you and your family! We have a 2-week old baby at church and SIX expectant moms! Our congregation is not very big; every pregnant, fertile woman in our church is expecting...except me (*sigh). When I held the newborn yesterday I got baby fever bad! So did my hubby :D Enjoy your pregnancy my friend :)


    I am THRILLED for you. :)

    I have a couple of September babies -- such blessings -- I will be praying for you.

    Thank you also for praying for my Samuel (a September babe)


  3. WHAT? I'm a little late on this one... wow! Congrats!!!!! can't wait to know what this one is, and I can't wait to know what name you guys are gonna pick!!


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